Monday, 5 January 2009

Splash Plastic

Click here to Live a Prepaid life- 100% Approval!

With splash, you can get the following benefits
  • No risk of debt - spend only what you have
  • No credit check or bank account required. 100% approval of all applicants above the age of 10 (Below 14 need parental consent)
  • Share money with friends and family around the world with upto four additional cardholders on your account
  • Shop anywhere in the world where Maestro® is accepted - on the Internet, over the phone and on the high street
  • Shop securely with Chip and PIN
  • 24/7 balance enquiry phone line and online account management
  • Top Up at any Post Office® branch or PayPoint outlet, over 34,000 locations across the UK
  • Top Up online with a credit or debit card
  • Have your wages paid directly to your card by your employer for FREE!
  • Transfer money from any bank account to your card for FREE!
  • For your protection a maximum £3,500 card balance is allowed at any one time
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splash has numerous uses as:
  • an Everyday convenience card for those who
    • don’t have a bank account and need a home for their money
    • are newcomers to the UK, don’t have a credit rating and need plastic
    • are going abroad and prefer to carry cash on a card
  • a money sharing card for those who
    • wish to share money with friends and family anywhere in the world
    • with upto 4 additional cards and Maestro Acceptance, your loved ones can have access to your money and make purchases at over 9 million worldwide locations
  • an Online Internet Payment Card for those who
    • wish to shop online but don’t have plastic
    • are worried about online fraud
    • feel that online shopping is subject to potential fraud
  • the Online Gaming card for those who want to
    • indulge in the latest gaming online - and have their winnings paid back onto their card for free.
    • limit their financial exposure by not using their credit card
    • protect their identity online
  • the Payroll card for those
    • employee’s who want their wages to be paid on a card and save cheque cashing fees
    • employer’s who want to pay their staff using a card instead of cash/cheque
    • the funky Tweenage Card for those who
      • are 10 years or over and want their own card
      • want to take control of their spending. Where, When & How – they decide!

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