Saturday, 17 January 2009

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Digital Photo Keyring 1.5inch 1. Digital Photo Keyring 1.5inch
View your best digital photos on your keyring - Offer: £14.99
Shiatsu Back Massager Cushion 2. Shiatsu Back Massager Cushion
Have your very own massage therapist 24/7 - Offer: £49.99
Control A Woman Remote 3. Control A Woman Remote
Make her do what you want - £4.99
Personalised Football Book 4. Personalised Football Book
Relive the best moments of your footy team - £44.99
She Driver Set 5. She Driver Set
Handy screwdriver set with a girly twist - £9.99
Backlit Touch Screen Sudoku 6. Backlit Touch Screen Sudoku
A million puzzles against the clock - Offer: £14.99
Football Club Share 7. Football Club Share
Become a shareholder in your football club - £29.99
Sat Nag 8. Sat Nag
The funniest & most unhelpful Sat Nav system ever - £7.99
Orgasmatron Trembler 9. Orgasmatron Trembler
Vibrating head massager makes you tremble - £17.50
52 weeks of naughty nights 10. 52 weeks of naughty nights
A year of playful kinky-ness awaits - £9.99
Classic Makeover for Two 11. Classic Makeover for Two
Get the star treatment at a top portrait studio - £19.99
Control A Man Remote 12. Control A Man Remote
Make him do what you want - £4.99
Handbag Holder 13. Handbag Holder
Keep your prize handbag safe when you dine out - £4.99
Gaydar 14. Gaydar
Gay, straight, undecided? This keyring tells you! - £7.99
Grow Your Own Tea and Coffee 15. Grow Your Own Tea and Coffee
A home grown cuppa - £12.99
Personalised Warhol Pop Art 16. Personalised Warhol Pop Art
Now you can be made into a work of art - Offer: £29.99
Sun Jar 17. Sun Jar
Collects and stores rays of sunshine - Offer: £18.99
Brain Trainer 18. Brain Trainer
Give your brain an intense workout - Offer: £11.99
Glow Flow Tap Light 19. Glow Flow Tap Light
Watch your water change colour with temperature - £14.99
Grow Your Own Chilli Plants 20. Grow Your Own Chilli Plants
Like it hot? Grow 5 varieties of chilli plants - £12.99

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