Friday, 16 January 2009

Advent laptop cheap

Advent 4213 at PC World - Buy cheap Netbooks - Advent 4213 Mobile broadband without the dongle
Sale Price £279.99

Discover the Advent 4213: a computer that’s the slim and compact size of a Netbook but with the huge memory of a laptop. Making the very best use of an energy efficient Intel Atom Processor N270 and highly effective Windows XP Home operating system, the 4213 is the sensible alternative to a laptop.

Offering double the HDD memory from previous models, the Advent 4213 has 1GB memory and a staggering 160GB Hard Drive for all your files and downloads. It maintains its portability and slim-line appearance with a weight of just 1.4kg, 178mm depth and 10.2” widescreen display. There are also built-in speakers for an enjoyable acoustic experience.

In addition to wireless facilities for access to the Internet when you’re out and about, the Advent 4213 has an embedded SIM card slot for mobile broadband access.

* Intel Atom N270Processor - Energy efficient
* (1.6GHz, 533MHz FSB, 512MB cache)
* Genuine Windows(R) XP Home
* Memory & storage - 1GB Memory & 160GB HDD
* Portable - 10.2" Widescreen Display & 1.4KG

* Connectivity - Built in mobile broadband
* Stylish Black & Silver Design
* Wireless Enabled
* Built in speakers
* 178 mm Depth

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