Thursday, 18 September 2008

Got old cds?

Got old cds you don't listen to anymore? Why not recycle them? You can cash in your old cds now with this brilliant new site

Get cash for your cds

1 Find a CD
Enter the barcode found on the reverse of the CD you would like to sell us, then click the 'ENTER' button. 2 Get an instant offer
We will then search our database for the CD, and make you an offer.

(Please enter a minimum of 5 and up to 250 individual CDs in a single transaction)

3 Make some cash
A) Either click the 'COMPLETE TRADE' button after reading through our Terms & Conditions and complete the order.

B) Or click the 'SAVE FOR LATER' button which will save the order (our offer price is valid for upto 24 hrs). This allows you to add/delete CDs at a later date.

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