Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Free nokia n96

This is a wicked phone! The nokia n96 is available free from phones4u -
Nokia N96 16GB (NEW)

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The Nokia N Series takes another leap forward in the shape of the new Nokia N96, a handset that's sure to create waves through the mobile phone world. Perfectly sculpted and technologically engineered the Nokia N96 is a mobile marvel fully packed with the latest advancements and elegant refinements that make it so easily admirable.

5 Megapixel Digital Camera
Wi-Fi Technology
MP3 player
16m colour TFT screen
Java enabled

The Nokia N96 mobile phone is a modern epiphany taken directly from any mobile enthusiasts dream of the next big thing, as contained within the smooth stylish case of the Nokia N96 is an abundance of features that leaves no space un-utilised.

Nokia’s latest 5 mega pixel camera is immense, the built in GPS receiver is pinpoint perfect, & the 16 GB memory is huge. Add the latest mobile hardware of a DVB TV broadcast receiver and you begin to understand the baited anticipation surrounding the Nokia N96.

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